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Updated: Jan 21

Wednesday 10th June 2020

This rose has a perfume that extols the essence of love

As Celebrants we know what death means

to people, we see the emotions at close quarters, we absorb those feeling as we are sensitive to those around us. We want to support you in your endeavours to give them a good funeral and to this end, we are here to listen and create a tribute that reflects the deceased's personality and character.

Death is something that we will all go through and it is a subject that should be spoken of. To give those around you a sense of what you want can be covered in a Pre-need service ( details on another page)

In the Victorian era no-one could talk about the subject, it was taboo. When death happened, the funeral took place quickly, it was spoken about in hushed tones and those mourning were expected to get over it as soon as possible. To demonstrate one's emotions was strictly off limits. Family members were sometimes sent away to recover their senses and return to normality once their grief had subsided.

Today, we are more open, many subjects that were once taboo are spoken about in everyday life. Although death has still some way to go.

"What to do if someone dies" is a new page on this site. Fully comprehensive, a wealth of information with an almost step by step guide on actions to be taken.

The death of someone we love is traumatic, sensitive, emotional, life changing. As Celebrants we cover many aspects when writing and delivering a service, not least supporting the bereaved in the early days of their loss. We feel the emotion when loss has just happened, we are not immune to those feelings.

Many of us have empathy due to the experiences we have encountered in our lives and wanting to help others through a period that covers grief, loss, mourning. But, to celebrate life regardless of how short or long it was is to relive memories, say thank you for how the deceased has touched your life, left an indelible imprint that will never fade. They provided grounding, created our foundations for life, all this can be given thanks to and the celebration of their life.

Our thoughts are filled with COVID 19 and in recent days racial inequality that still exists. It makes me sad that still we cannot find worldwide peace. Where those of differing race or people of different sexual identities, those who practice religion should be able to do so without fear of violence or intimidation from those who hold alternative views. The picture is so vast that there are no answers only more questions and opinions that cause discontent. For 30 minutes in a service that has been created with care and love, you can have those few minutes to reflect on how one person made a mark on your life and say "thank you"


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