About me

Hello, I'm Ashley George, trained to the UK's highest national standard in civil funerals and a religious Officiant. Wearing contrasting hats with each service different in its context and presentation.


My passion for working with people has seen me involved with prison and hospital chaplaincy in my role as an officiant, a difficult but rewarding task.

Its not an easy task arranging a funeral, but with my support, creative writing skills, passion for achieving the best, public speaking, and delivery at a funeral, whether you choose a crematorium, graveside, or woodland site, we can work together to give a last farewell and a service to remember for those who remain.

Contributions can be made by family members and any anecdotes provided by friends include in the tribute.

The written service is as unique as the person being remembered with no two services being the same. 









Scattering of ashes

Interment of ashes

Memorial services

Pre-need tributes

Bullet points to help you in choosing Ashley George to engage with:

*Qualified to UK's highest standard. NOCN Level 3 Diploma in Civil *Funerals.

*Trained by Civil Ceremonies Ltd who have been Ofsted listed with *an outstanding grade.

*Full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.

*Accredited Member of The Institute of Civil Funerals.

*Yearly assessments by independent officials.

*Continuous Professional development.

*Previous experience conducting funerals as an Officiant.

*Adopted the Funeral Celebrant Accord.

Civil Service         £200

Religious Service £200