Family Funeral Services

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A Civil funeral is " A Civil Funeral is a funeral driven by the wishes, beliefs, and values of the deceased and their family, not by the beliefs or ideology of the person conducting the funeral. It sits between a religious service and a humanist funeral"       

Every service is written by me and created in a way to honour and respect the uniqueness and individuality of the person that has died, focusing on what made them special to everyone in their lives.
Acknowledging different types of funeral services that can be created, this is discussed when we meet or you may have already decided upon the type of service that is required.  



Connect with me direct or via your chosen Funeral director


It enables family and friends to come together to recognise the contribution a person had on your life. Joining together to celebrate the life of a loved one is a very special occasion to say farewell and creative uplifting service has the ability to draw people together, to go forward
knowing that the deceased may have had an influence in your world. The day creates memories to reflect upon where the final goodbye ceremony will help to sustain you in the coming days, months and years. 

A good well rounded and researched funeral tribute has a way of bringing many aspects together which when presented at the service will provide you with memories of a ceremony that encompasses a life that you were a part of. A good send off as they used to say
Civil funeral services are created to reflect all your loved one means to you, their character and personality will shine through. Family and friends can have an input into the service to make it inclusive and special. Sometimes there are elements in their life that are not that great but soft reference can be made if it illustrates their character.


Civil Funeral Service £200

Religious Service      £200

Scattering of ashes   £50

Interment of ashes    £50

Memorial services     POA

Pre-need tributes      £125


Some considerations whilst discussing with Ashley ask about the style and tone that you would like for the ceremony include music, readings, symbolic acts of remembrance and any other personal elements;

Talk about ways of including people who would like to take an active role in the ceremony by speaking, reading, singing.

Find out about the person who has died a good celebrant will ask for stories and memories and key events that capture the essence of the person you love.

Invite contributions from other people who know your loved one to get the broadest possible insight into their life.

Once the service is completed, I will create a keepsake copy encompassing all elements of the service should you wish to re visit the ceremony at a later date.

In Loving Memory

Have you thought about arranging Memorial Service ?

This ceremony can be held anywhere of your choosing, there are no time restraints, family and friends can make a contribution. Venue suggestions. Hotel, garden, village hall, woodland sites, aerodrome or where there was a connection to make it even more personal. The list is endless.


In essence, my role is to:

*Support you from the first meeting to the end of the funeral service.

*Ensure that the wishes of your family are carried out.

*Prepare the eulogy with your family so it is a genuine reflection of the deceased.

*Guide you through the day of the service which can be stressful and emotional.

*Ensure that the service is exactly as you have wished it to be.