Welcome to the website of Norfolk's Home Grown Medium.......Ashley George

Come and put him to the test, book a reading,buy a ticket and connect with those who have passed over, find out what its all about.....this is for you....

............Influencing perception........changing lives

Ashley's abilities were recognised after a series of changes in his life whereby he had to embark on a journey that took him into a more Spiritual direction, a direction that has has such a profound effect on all areas of his life here,to make him the person he is today.

Meet him somewhere and experience some of the magic he has to offer with his inspirational ways.

Some see a reading as therapy and have gained so much through a private reading.

Through a reading with Ashley, enables the listener to come to terms with their emotions and feelings of loss and grief. Allowing the healing to come from those who have passed.

If you would like to purchase a gift voucher for a friend, please e-mail me for details.


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Thousands have visited this site recently, thank you for your interest.

Last year was an amazing year, this year is looking to be even better with so much planned, come and be part of this shared journey called life.

Ashley is now in a position to conduct Spiritual funerals, wedding ceremonies and naming occasions under guidance from the Spiritualists National Union (SNU) of which he is a member.

Please telephone to discuss.

Ashley also offers private sitting to people who come seeking their own personal guidance, comfort, awareness and assurance that they are never alone.
To make an appointment telephone 01508 535186
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